Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memorable 2011

Memorable things from 2011

1.       I started running.  After a near lifelong battle with knee problems, I began training to run a 10k.  Prior to 2011, I completed all endurance training on an elliptical machine or stationary bicycle, even during the peak of my athletic career.  My knees would become so swollen, I could barely walk, would need to receive weeks of physiotherapy and constantly wear knee braces, even under every day clothes.   The feeling of elation when I completed my first 5K on a treadmill (without knee braces or ibuprofen) was overwhelming.  I barely won the fight between composure and tears of joy.  While I have yet to complete a 10K, I no longer have any doubt that I can do it.

2.       I yelled at a coach.  My normal mild mannered, good humoured, laid back self, stepped aside and watched a crazed mama-bear rear its ugly head and lash out at injustice.  While this may not have been in any way honourable or appropriate, I was amazed with myself for actually doing it.

3.       I went beaching.  Hubby and I went with a friend on our first ever beachy vacation.  We had never been on a vacation where adventure and exploration wasn’t the number one thing to do.  The beach in Varadero, Cuba was stunning and the hours we spent in the ocean were magical.  While we had an amazing vacation, we totally reaffirmed our need to not lie around for hours on end.  Jamaica, what adventures do you hold for us this March?

4.       I started wearing makeup.  I essentially grew up as a tomboy, and had my first opportunity to be “trained” to wear makeup by our friend in Cuba.  At first, I admittedly felt a bit clownish (and seeing as I was new to applying the stuff, I may have looked as clownish as I felt).  At 34, I was beginning to feel that I had the ability to not stick out like a sore thumb when amongst “the beautiful people.” 

5.       I took the kids on a road trip.  In my family, road trips are epic.  While my brother sets the standard high on his seven week adventure escapades with only a motorcycle and a tent, I consider any “trip” with two children under ten to be just as adventurous.  This summer, magical memories were created in: Niagara Falls, Ontario (ok, that was my sisters family visiting us from Ontario, but there was still a lot of driving); Toronto, Ontario; Minden, Ontario; Oqonquit, Maine; Grand Manan, New Brunswick; Pictou County, Nova Scotia; and Louisburg, Nova Scotia.

6.       I began a new career.  After months spent searching both help wanted ads and my soul, I stumbled into a connection that set me on a new journey.  A career I had only dreamed of suddenly had a potential path laid out before me.  If it had not been for my business degree and my teaching degree, combined with my desire for writing, I would not have been introduced to its possible existence.  While I still have a fair distance to travel on my journey, I am grateful to have finally stepped out of the woods and into a clearing. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful year, Dana! And I know that lots of people will find you and your journey truly inspirational as well! Thanks for sharing!!
    Have a wonderful 2012
    Love Aunt Sheila